School’s over! At least, for my school. Actually, school ended on Tuesday, June 16th, but I just got around to writing about it. Anyway, hope everyone has a great summer this year and don’t forget to relax!

New Painting!



This is my new painting! I know I forgot to sign it… eh, I’ll do that later (I’m very lazy, in case you didn’t know).

It’s supposed to look like a metal horse (like bronze or copper).

Comment any critiques or thoughts!

Skating on Thin Ice

Ice SkatesCreative Commons LicenseBenson Kua via Compfight


         Basically my favorite sport in the whole wide world is ice skating. I have been skating since first grade, and I’m in sixth grade now. When I started skating, I never thought I would keep doing it for this long. After all, my brother started to do ice hockey, but quit as soon as he started! By now, I can hardly imagine what I would be like if I never stepped onto that ice six years ago. I don’t think any of us realized how much money and time it would take to continue doing it for this long.

          In first grade, I started going through the basic lessons 1-8. That took a long time, because they each take about a month or two to finish, and if you don’t pass the level, you have to start all over again. In the basics, you don’t fail very often (unless you have a mean teacher), but once you start the freestyles…. well, it’s basically impossible to pass those on your first try. Once I started freestyle lessons, I started taking private lessons by an awesome coach, Coach Lydia.

        By the end of 4th grade, I finished the 8 basic levels and four freestyle levels (I know, that took a long time, right?). I joined Team Ashburn, a synchronized skating team and got on the Beginner 2 level. That was a really fun experience, so I did it again at the beginning of this school year, and moved up 3 levels to the Pre-Juvenile teamUnfortunately, Coach Lydia, my coach for so many years, passed away this January due to brain cancer. I was really, really sad, and I miss her so much today. 

Here’s a link for some tips on ice skating: Click here


Moves that I can do

 – Sit spin

 – Camel Spin

 – Loop Jump

 – Flip Jump

 – Back Spin

 – Spread eagle 

 – Ina Bauer

– Forward, backward, and swing twizzles

… And a bunch of other ones I don’t feel like mentioning.

My favorite ice skater is Gracie Gold: watch the video below on her best (in my opinion) performance.

Who is your favorite skater and why? If you don’t have one, then who would you like to know more about? Comment your answer!


Writing Limericks

In class yesterday, we wrote a bunch of limericks. It’s really annoying how you have to be able to make everything rhyme and make sense and be funny all at the same time. You also have to have a good rhythm going.

In a limerick, there are five lines. The first two rhyme, the second two rhyme, and the last line rhymes with the first two (It’s basically A, A, B, B, A).

I made one about my English class:

There once was a big english class

Whose voices were louder than brass

Some were silent

But most were defiant

In this crazy old english class

I also made one about me (it’s totally true!):

There once was a girl named Amber

Who totally deserved to be pampered

She got a million a day

from her wonderful pay

Of being so filled with glamour

These two I made aren’t perfect though. It’s really hard to make a… legit limerick, I guess. If you have a good one, whether it’s by you or not, comment it on this post!Villadangos del Páramo León (16) calafellvalo via Compfight

Random Riddle

I know I’m posting a lot of riddles and puzzles, but… they’re really fun to figure out, right? Anyway, here’s another one:

A man killed his wife and left her in their red car, which had their last name on the license plate. The man walked home, where he got a call from the police saying, “Your wife is dead, please come to the crime scene so we can find out who did this.” The man immediately drove to the crime scene in his light blue car. When he arrived at the crime scene, he was arrested. How did the police know it was him?

Comment if you think you know the answer!

The Return of Cheryl

Cheryl returns!!!

The key things to remember is that Tom knows the house number (even though we don’t), and he figures it out after knowing that the two youngest kids are different ages.


Scroll down for spoilers


Okay, the answer is… 6,  6, and 1! I think. Anyway, this is how I did it:

The possibilities of the ages are

36, 1, 1

18, 2, 2

12, 3, 1

9, 4, 1

6, 6, 1

6, 3, 2

9, 2, 2


The only way Tom won’t be able to figure it out is if two of the combinations add up to the same sum. 6, 6, 1 and 9, 2, 2 both add up to 13. However, after finding out that the youngest child has a unique age, it has to be 6, 6, and 1 because 9, 2, 2 has 2 twos.

Cheryl’s Birthday

Okay,  I bet most of you have already seen this riddle before… I think it’s almost impossible to figure it out without searching it up (at least for me). Anyway, if you can solve it on your own, just know you’re a genius by my standards.

Sorry not Sorry

Birthday Cake


This is just to say

I finished that red velvet cake

we got you for your birthday

that is today


The creamy icing melted in my mouth

and the cake was perfectly chilled.

It was the best thing I ever tasted.

Did I mention red velvet is my favorite too?


Forgive me

I ruined your birthday party

and ate all of your delicious cake up.

Too bad I’m not sorry.

Image result for red velvet birthday cake

Free Rice

For the Student Blogging Challenge Week 4, I created a Free Rice account and so far have donated 2,000 grains of rice! In Free Rice, for every question you get right, you donate 10 grains of rice to someone hungry. Free Rice is a great way to learn new things while helping people battle hunger. Go to to create a free account, and make the world a better place while getting smarter!


My Life in Pictures

Hey guys! I made a presentation on pictures that tell about my life for the student blogging challenge. I’m also putting it on my About Me page 🙂


Here’s the link: